Every organization in Raffle Network must register for a Stripe © payment account in order to accept credit card payments in their raffles.  After the account has been created, the status of the account will be displayed on the organization's landing page.  

The possible status messages are:

Setup Required

Payment Account Setup Required - You will see this status if you had clicked the "Later" button after creating your organization.  Clicking the "Create Payment Account" button on this page will allow you to return to set up of your Stripe account.


Payment Account Pending Verification - This status indicates that Stripe has not yet completed verification of your account.  You will typically see this status after initially creating your payment account.  The verification process usually completes in 1 hour or less, but can take up to 48 hours in rare instances.  That status will update on your organization's landing page after completes it process.

Update Required

Payment Account Requires Update - In some instances, Stripe may not be able to fully verify your account based on the initial information provided during set up.  When this happens, Stripe may request your full social security number and/or a scan of a valid government issued identity document (ex. driver's license or passport) to complete the process.  Clicking the "Update Payment Account" will open a  screen to provide the information Stripe has requested.


Payment Account Ready for Raffles - This status indicates "all good" with Stripe.  When your account is in this status the "Set-Up Raffle" button is enabled and your are now ready to create your raffle.