You can add contacts to your Raffle Network account from the "Manage Teams and Contacts" page.  This is the page you will first see after logging in.  You can also access this page from the (+) menu in the upper right corner...

Or by clicking on the Raffle Network logo in the upper left corner.

From this page, you can scroll down the the "My Contacts" section and click on the "Add Contact" button...

My Contacts buttons

You can manually enter contact details or import them from popular services such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. 

To manually add a contact, simply fill in the persons information in the fields provided.  First Name, Last Name and Email address are mandatory while all the remaining fields are optional.

Add Contacts Modal

Once you've entered all details, click the "Add Contact" button and you will be returned to the landing page.  You should now see your newly added contact in the list.

You can also import your contacts from your Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft accounts.  To import contacts, scroll to the bottom of the "Add Contacts" popup and click on the icon for the service you wish to import from.

Import icons

You will be taken to a sign in page specific to that service.  You will need to authenticate with the username and password you use with that service. Then follow the prompts to grant Raffle Network access to read your contacts.  An example with Yahoo! is below.


After agreeing to grant access, you will be returned to Raffle Network and a list of your available to import contacts will appear.  You can select or deselect any contact by clicking on the name or radio buttons.

Click "Import" after refining your list and the new contacts will be added to your "My Contacts" list.

All the contacts you add will be available to use in the "Invite Contacts" sections of your raffles.