Raffle Network does not allow for raffles to be modified by the organizer after they have been submitted.  This restriction is in place to help protect you and your donors and to ensure that raffles are run in a fair and consitent manner.  

At the last step of your raffle setup process you are shown a preview of your raffle page as it will appear to your propsective donors.  Please be sure to review this content for accuracy before submitting.  If you have found after submitting your raffle that there was a typo in your content you can request an edit by the raffle network support team.  Be sure to include the following with your request:

  • Organization Name
  • Raffle Name
  • Full Name and email address of the raffle organizer
  • Full description of the current content you wish to change
  • Full description of the requested change

Please note, the following details cannot be modified once a raffle has been started:

  • Ticket price
  • Start date of the raffle
  • End date of the raffle
  • Prize(s) offered