The Raffle Network Platform Allows You To Drastically Reduce The Cost Of The Fundraiser:

The Organization will keep 100% of the ticket price if the ticket buyer decides to cover platform and transaction costs. For example, if the ticket is $10 the transaction fee is $1.64. The ticket buyer can choose to pay the $1.64 transaction cost and the Organization keeps $10.   The additional fee charged by Stripe on the $1.64 portion of the purchase is deducted from Raffle Network’s portion of the sale. 

Fees Included:

Raffle Network Fee:

In exchange for seamlessly running your raffle through our web based platform, which allows you  to create, track, accept payments and pick winners, Raffle Network charges a fee of 10% of the total funds raised by the Organization.

Additionally, there is a small transaction processing fee for each raffle ticket purchase which our online payment services provider Stripe charges.   This fee is paid directly to Stripe, the secure online payment provider that Raffle Network uses for credit card transaction processing and payments.  Each fee is the sum of:

  • 2.9% of the total purchase price of ticket(s) bought, plus
  • 30¢ per transaction