Adding members to your Raffle Network organization is a great way to expand your raffles' reach.  

Team membership can be managed by an organizer using the Team Member section of your organization's landing page.  You can start the process by clicking to "Add Members" button.

Team Members 1

From the "Add Team Member" pop up you will have a choice to add a member manually or to import a group of members by filling and uploading and Excel template.

Adding Manually

To manually add a team member:

  • Fill in the three required fields; First Name, Last Name and Email Address
  • Complete the optional field of Mobile Phone Number if desired
  • Click the "Add" button

Add Manual

A new Raffle Network team member account will be created and the member will be sent an email requesting he/she join your team by clicking an activation link.  You will see the new member in your team members list with a status of pending until he/she activates.

Team Members 2

Bulk Importing Team Members

To import a complete list of team members:

Import 1

  • Click "Download the Template" to get a copy of the Excel file. (Marker 1)
  • Fill in a row in the Excel file for each team member. Provide the member's first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number (optional).

Import File

  • Save your completed Excel file
  • Click the "Upload Excel File" field and select your saved file to being the import process. (Marker 2)
  • Once completed, a message will be displayed with the total number of records successfully imported. If there were errors, they problem rows will be listed in red.

Import Complete

  • Click the "Done" button to complete the process.
Imported Team List

Your newly imported team members will be displayed in the list with a status of "pending".  As with the manual add, each member will be sent an email requesting he/she join your team by clicking an activation link.