For a first time user, creating your organization is done in three easy steps.

  1. Create your account
  2. Create your organization
  3. Setup your payment account

 You can do it all in one sitting or exit after completing a step and come back later to finish.  The choice is yours.

Step 1: Create Your Account

We just need a little information about you so that we can get you setup in our systems.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Date of Birth

Create account screen

Why is birthday needed?  Good question.  Since your organization will need to take payments online, we need to verify that you are 18 or over in order to setup and manage your payment account with our secure payment partner, Stripe. 

That’s all for this step.  Once you click submit, your account is created.  You will be sent an email to the address you provided with request to verify your account.  Simply click the link provided in the email to activate your account and you will then be taken to the Create Your Organization page.

Step 2: Create Your Organization

Now we need to know a bit about your organization and what you do. 

  • Organization’s Name
  • What you do. (Just a sentence or two.  For example: …)
  • Location Information

For your location, you have two options.  You can enter all your address details and give the location a name (i.e. Awesome HS Football Boosters Home Office).  Alternatively, if your group is a part of a larger group that has registered before (i.e. Awesome High School) you can just search for that location by name and use it as your location as well.

Click next and your organization will be created with your as the organizer.  All that is left to do is….

Step 3: Setup Your Payment Account

We use Stripe as our secure payment provider,  Why Stripe?  They handle billions of dollars every year through their trusted and secure platform.  By partnering with Stripe, Raffle Network keeps your organization’s and your donors’ financial information safe while delivering a best in class payment processing solution.  You can learn more about Stripe here. You have two options when setting a payment account based on how your organization is setup.  Setup as an individual or as a non-profit.  If you organization, or parent organization, has establish itself as a 501c with the IRS, you can choose the “Non-profit” option when setting up your account.  We have some good information on establishing a non-profit in our Resources section.  If your organization has not and/or does not register as a non-profit you can select the “Individual” option.  We discuss the information required for each below.

Who’s Responsible Section


Individual Account

Non-Profit Account

Organization Name

Provide the name for your account in Stripe

501c EIN

Not Required


First and Last Name

Your Name

This is the name of a responsible party associated with your 501c when it was registered with the IRS

Date of Birth

Used by Stripe for verfication

Last 4 of Social Security #

Last 4 of your SS#

Last 4 of the responsible
party’s SS#


Your Personal Address

Address registered with 501c

The “Where to Send the Proceeds” section of the page is where you provide the bank details of where Stripe will transfer your funds.  You just need to provide few details on the account to complete this process.

  • Bank Account Type (i.e. is this a personal or business account)
  • Account Holder Name – the name the account is established under
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number

For your protection, this information is tokenized and sent encrypted to Stripe.  Raffle Network will never store your bank or credit card information.

Upon clicking submit, your account will be created in Stripe in a matter of minutes.  In some rare instances, Stripe may request additional information on the responsible party as part of their verification process.  Should this happen, you will have a notification in your Raffle Network account with what is required to complete the verification process.

At this point your organization is ready for you to add your team members and setup your fundraising raffle.