Click the button labeled "Set-Up Raffle" from your organization's landing page to start the two-page raffle setup process.

The first page of the of set up is where you provide the data details about your raffle such as goals, ticket prices, etc.  We will break down the sections below.

Section 1 - Describe your raffle

Page 1 - Section 1

  • Name your raffle - this field captures the title of your event.  The title will be display on the final raffle page as well as the headline to any social media shares.
  • What is this raffle for? - this is the place to tell your potential donors about why you are running this raffle.
  • What type of prizes do you want to offer? - Select "cash" only if you intend to offer a cash prize in a 50-50 raffle format.  Otherwise, select "non-cash" to offer prizes such as physical gifts, services, gift cards, etc.  If you intend to have a mix of non-cash and cash in your prize list, select "non-cash".
Section 2 - Raffle details

Page 1 - Section 2

The next section captures the data details of your raffle:

  • How many sellers on your team? - The field will default to the current count of team members in your organization.
  • How much money do you hope to raise? - Share the target goal of your raffle.  The goal will be shared with visitors to your raffle pages and sales will be tracked against this goal.
  • What would like to set as a ticket price? - Select a ticket price to offer from the drop down list.
  • When would you like to start? - This is the date your raffle will begin.  Click the calendar to pick a date.  The earliest you can start is the day after setting up your raffle.
  • When would you like to end? - This is the date your raffle will end.  Click the calendar to pick a date.  The earliest you can end is the day after your raffle start date.  The raffle will stop accpeting ticket sales at 12:00AM on the end date.
  • Total value of prizes offered? - Provide the total value of all the prizes offered in your raffle.  That value should not exceed $4,999.00.  Please contact us at (877) 9RAFFLE should you wish to offer a prize package of a higher value.
  • Goal per team member? - Set a sales goals for your team member to reach.  This can help motivate and creates a fun competition between the members.
If you are not sure of the details above, you can use the Raffle Calculator for suggestions.  For example, if you know what your goal is... fill in the goal field and click the "Calculate" button.  The suggestion fields will populate with values that may help you reach this goal.  Click on any suggestions you like to add them to the input fields.  You can keep of change any of the values you want.

Section 3 - Select your sellers

Page 1 - Section 3

In this section you can select the members of your team that you wish to be sellers in this raffle.  All team members are selected by default.   

Please note: make sure you add all your team members at this point because after you finish setting up a raffle you will not be able to modify it and add new members.

Section 4 - Add your prizes

Page 1 - Section 4

Raffles are required to have at least 1 prize and as many as 3 in total.  For each prize you must provide:

  • Prize Description - A description of the prizes offered (in 72 characters or less.
  • Prize Value - The estimated value of the prize (number only)

Click "Next" to move on to page two where you can preview the raffle details and add images.  Click "Cancel" to exit from raffle set up.  You can return later to start over again.

Page 2 - Finalize raffle

Raffle Preview

The raffle preview page will display the inputs you provided during set up in a preview raffle layout.  From here, you can click on the grey image placeholders to add photos to your page:

  • Why We Are Here - This is the main image that displays at the top of your raffle and in your social media shares.  Some suggested images include team photos or images from events run by your organization.  The source image should be at least 560px X 240px (wider or taller can be cropped)
  • Prize Photos - provide an image of each prize you offer.  The image should be able to fit within a circular mask.  This source image should be at least 300px square (wider or taller can be cropped).
  • Organization Logo - provide a image with the logo of your team.  The image should be able to fit within a circular mask.  This source image should be at least 300px square (wider or taller can be cropped).

The image selection tool allows you to crop your photo to the shape that will be used on your raffle page.  You can drag the edges expand or contract the select area or click the middle to move the selection zone.

Photo Crop

  • Click the check mark to accept your selection.
  • Click the recycle symbol to pick a different photo.

Click the "Back" button if you need to change any of the values provided when filling in the previous page.

Click the "Submit" button once all your image selections are complete.  Your raffle finalized in our system and you will be returned to your organization's landing page.