There are two types of raffles you can run on Raffle Network; CASH or NON-CASH.

CASH raffles are run as a 50/50 raffle format.  This means that if you do not receive donations of at least 2x your total prize amount, the prize funding becomes a split of the total funds raised.  For example, if the total prize amount offered was $500 and your raffle only raised $400, then $200 will be allocated to your prize payouts and the remaining $200 (minus the Raffle Network fees) will be allocated to your organization.

If you had mulitple prizes (i.e. First, Second and Third place), Raffle network will calculate the adjusted prize amounts and include this information in the notifications sent to the winners and team organizer.

The organization may, at its discretion, elect to award the prize regardless of whether the bid goal is reached or, in the organization’s sole discretion, it may elect to withdraw the prize and instead elect to treat the raffle as a 50/50 cash raffle.  Please see Rules of the Game Section 7(e) for a description of a 50/50 cash raffle.